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In addition to sidings and windows, we help you bring the timeless appeal of stone to your residence at an affordable price. Stone veneers, with a traditional look of quarried limestone can add quite a bit of curb appeal. Just like real stone, stone veneers can withstand the normal weather in any climate. Veneers can transform a plain wall or an entryway to a focal point

Benefits of Stone Veneer Accents

Cost: While using natural stone may be a good choice, it can be expensive due to installation costs and project completion time. Natural stone veneers are easier to install and therefore making it a much affordable option without while still maintaining your desired look.

Lightweight: Natural stone is heavy and they are much more complex to install due to it needing special fastenings and anchoring materials. Veneer stones, on the other hand, are light weight and can be used to clad concrete surfaces to emulate the look of natural stone.

Versatility and Durability: Stone veneer can be used on exteriors, fireplaces, stairways, wine cellars, bars as well as kitchen islands.


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