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At PBA Siding, we take pride in our exterior painting services. Our experienced professional house painting crew understands the right way to paint exterior surfaces. The process can include a detergent washing, power washing, caulking, full paint removal, board and trim replacement, and fully back-rolling and back-brushing all surfaces.

We believe that it is crucial to dedicate considerable time to the surface prepping process because that is what is going to ultimately determine a quality paint project. We offer painting services for all types of siding and exterior. Our professional painting crew can make your home's exterior look fresh, clean, and good as new.

We offer a variety of exterior house painting services, including:

  • Power washing
  • Hand scrubbing, when necessary
  • Paint removal and stripping
  • Proper priming, after thorough scraping and sanding, when appropriate
  • Caulking and filling as needed
  • Application of excellent-quality finish coats
  • Deck and natural wood siding preparation and staining
  • Stucco painting

Our Process

Here is the process we go through for our Painting projects

Free Evaluation
Schedule your FREE evaluation with PBA Siding and we will come to your home or business to assess the work. We will never sell you a service that you don’t actually need. During this step, we will work with you to decide the best approach to your painting project. After careful evaluation, you will receive a firm itemized quote (and not a vague estimate).

Color Selection Process
During this step, we will work closely with you to discuss what is trending and what will work best for the style of your house and make recommendations accordingly.

Scheduling and Paint Preparation
Once you have approved the quote and put down your deposit, we will schedule your painting project.

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