Energy Efficiency


According to the US Department of Energy, most homes have air leaks and drafts that waste so much energy it's like leaving a window open in your home all year long. Think about what that does to your energy bill. Inefficient windows can be a drain on your finances, which makes replacement windows a worthwhile investment  PBA we design, build, install and guarantee our windows replacements. You will be amazed by how much your PBA!! replacement windows can save you on your energy bill.


The result: your monthly utility bills will reflect savings year round – and that should help make you even more comfortable

Installation of a vinyl window is not a task for a beginner or amateur .do-it-yourselfer. Windows need to be installed plumb, level and square. They need to “float” in the actual rough opening,review Concentrated loads can distort window frames and cause a poor fit that allows air and/or water infiltration. To achieve the best fit and finish, your windows should be installed by factory trained employees of the window company. The average homeowner doesn’t have the tools or experience to achieve a first class installation pba home siding.New windows require a certain level of skill to insure that the fit, operation and finish are perfect. Vinyl replacement windows present extra challenges. Removing an existing window can be a huge task if you. Exterior caulking, interior insulation installation  ,all must be accomplished perfectly .windows  offer incredible strength yet very low maintenance.

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